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Alpha is Giving Back

Alpha Family Resale is honored to help Winfield residents. They have recently donated over $1,000 in gift cards that were distributed to the recipients of the Winfield and St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantries, to be redeemed for clothing items. They also held their first Thanksgiving in October event which provided a food basket to 17 Winfield Township families. This was made possible by the wonderful people who donated their clothing and household items, as well as all the people who shop at Alpha Family Resale. Thank you.


Our Story

     Alpha Family Resale is a store that was envisioned, by the founder, many years ago. As a young woman, she saw firsthand how her father helped his less fortunate neighbors. Now, she and her husband know that you must keep your heart open and help a stranger in need. They met with other leaders in the non-profit resale business to help design Alpha Family Resale to be just as effective as their organizations have been, in providing help to others in need. They decided to look around the area to find a building in a place where the residents understand this concept and are eager to help. They found exactly what they were looking for in Double Tree Plaza, next to the Winfield Library.

     Most people don’t realize that there is a growing need in their area for the assistance of other people. One example is a recent Facebook story, from March 2023, where the person that posted the story had talked to a new mother that was just released from a hospital in Crown Point, Indiana. The mother was homeless and now has a new baby to care for. There were lots of comments on this story and most people wanted to help, but there are limited options. We will be working alongside local churches, non-profit organizations, and the Winfield Trustee to help those types of people get the assistance they need. 

     Alpha Family Resale is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a commitment to helping those in need. We greatly appreciate your participation in our organization. Your donations are incredibly important because they will have a very beautiful final purpose. We encourage you to come in and see how each small donation that is made can total up to provide a huge impact in someone else’s life.

     We know that none of this is possible without the help and support of the people living in the community. You can make a difference by donating clothing, accessories, shoes, boots, jewelry, and small household items. You can drop off your items in our conveniently located donation bin at the rear of the store. We greatly appreciate your donations. You can rest assured, knowing that we take great care of your items, after visiting our well-marked and clean donation bin. We will be checking the bin daily and bringing the donated items into our sorting area, so that all items remain in great condition.

     Currently, we are not able to accept larger items like furniture, electronics, cribs, and appliances because of the current capacity of the store.


For more information on donating, please visit our donation page.

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